For Colored Girls

‘My love is too sanctified, to have thrown back in my face!’

“Of all the lines in the play, Lolia Etomi’s delivery of those 12 words pretty much sold the Cambridge production. ” – Justina Kehinde

”  I can’t fault the actresses. As individuals they were striking – I especially enjoyed Orange’s (Ifeyinwa Frederick) lightning-fast chatter, the natural yet poetic delivery of Purple (Lolia Etomi), and the easy, elastic rhythms of Red’s (Tasila Banda) lines. In combination, they were brilliant. – The Cambridge Student

“The Lady in Purple (Lolia Etomi) often narrated, while her fellow cast members accompanied her through mime. Incidentally, she was also the most adept at crossing the sex divide to convey a male persona.”

“… all the girls play their part with that same raw emotion… There is not one weak link in the cast, and when they come on stage together it is electric!”

“Lolia Etomi plays Lady in Purple whose innate desire to be loved makes her vulnerable. Etomi plays this oh so familiar character skilfully and with a natural presence.”
– -Afridiziak